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My name's Lucy. I'm a human being, just like you (would you believe?!), also trying to figure out how to balance a fulfilling life. 
This website was created as a blog, originally, to document and share my new-found discoveries about bodily autonomy and sexual freedom, as well as my recovery from a rape. After a year, this no longer served me so I stopped creating new content. Then, I trained and qualified as a MOE certified coach and turned 'getting loose' into a wellbeing support business platform, whilst still keeping the blog as a resource for anyone who may need it. Now, wanting to use getting loose as a holistic, professional representation of my work as a songwriter, facilitator and more, I'm hosting events centred around courage and wellbeing in song writing, and will soon be facilitating creative workshops as well. 
I invite you to join me at the monthly event in Camden, or, hold on tight for future work, or tuck into the blog that still exists if you so need it.
Thank you for being here,

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'I really enjoyed these workshops, and felt like I was given tools to help me both creatively, and also in my relationship with myself and others, in the future.'


'Lucy is empathetic and intelligent. She easily creates a safe space to share and be vulnerable in. I felt at ease expressing myself creatively among the group.'


'Lucy created such a safe and welcoming space that really helped me explore my goals. In the sessions I was able to reframe things that felt impossible, it was such a relief'


'Lucy has been coaching me on finding a career and my work life balance. She is positive, actively listens and creates a safe space for conversation. I have seen positive changes in my morning routine as well as my motivation/direction for my career path.'


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